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Full Day Tour

Take this tour if you want to see something amazing, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance and then you want to relax and enjoy the countryside of Rome with a wineyards wine tasting.


The first part of the tour will take you to Tivoli to visit  Villa d'Este; a place where you can find an impressive concentration of founatins, plays of water, nymphaeums and waterfalls fed by 900 meters of canals, channels and cascades, and all working entirely by the force of gravity, without pumps.


Villa d'Este, in Tivoli, was built in 1550 by the cardinal Ippolito d'Este, grandson of pope Alexander VI Borgia, is listed in UNESCO world cultural heritage.


In the second part of the tour you will be taken to Frascati, a beautiful hill south of Rome, famous for its wine production. You will have a wine tasting in the oldest organic wineyard of the area with an expert somelier.




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